Morrisons Gets Fresh with Home Delivery Trade Mark

12 May 2011 Category News, Trade Marks

Morrisons is the only big-name supermarket that has not ventured into the home delivery market. For many years, it has been proud to concentrate on in-store prices and choices, and seems quite happy to let the other supermarkets take on the online shopping mantle. Recently, however, Morrisons has taken a stake in USA-based FreshDirect, and has attempted to trade mark the name in the UK in advance of its own home delivery launch.

FreshDirect Trade Mark Objections

Unfortunately for Morrisons, a well-established food supply business already exists in the UK trading as Fresh Direct. The vegetable and salad supply company, which is based in Oxfordshire, is hoping that it can persuade Morrisons to use a different name for their online shopping service. Fresh Direct has already trade marked its logo, but at the time of writing has not done the same for its name. The hope for Fresh Direct is that the length of time it has been in business and the fact that it is in a similar market will be enough to prevent Morrisons from using “FreshDirect” for its own business. Managing Director, David Burns, hopes that he will be able to meet with Morrisons’ board members to agree a way forward that is acceptable to both parties.

Morrisons and FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a NewYork-based company that specialises in home delivery. Morrisons took a 10% stake in the business earlier in 2011 and announced in March 2011 that it was planning to launch an online business. It has been using the expertise of FreshDirect to train managers so that the roll-out of the new service would be s smooth as possible. Branding and awareness is vital to the success of Morrisons’ online delivery, as it will be competing against the well-established services of other supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Attempting to trade mark the FreshDirect name could be a step towards this branding, or could be a catch-all move by Morrisons because of its stake in the US firm. Whatever the reasons, the supermarket chain will need to take the time to talk to Mr Burns and his Fresh Direct company if potential problems, costly litigation and bad publicity is to be avoided

Check Out your Trade Mark

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