A recent study by Thomson Reuters shows that the UK fell significantly behind its major European  competitors, France and Germany, in the number of patents filed in 2014.  Patents originating from Germany numbered over 56,000 during the year, with French companies filing just over 11,500.  By contrast, applicants from the UK filed just 6,619.

Patents for German Technology

Germany is home to a number of leading technology companies, all of which are investing a significant amount in research and development.  In particular, it is the base for some of the world’s leading automotive brands, and this area remains highly competitive in terms of innovation.  Similarly, French companies include some of the biggest health and beauty brands.  In the UK, just three companies were mentioned by the report as being global innovation competitors – British American Tobacco, Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline.  The UK was also mentioned for the quality of its academic research and development, with institutions like Imperial College London and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute acknowledged for their contribution.

However, companies from other countries continue to apply for patents in higher numbers than those in the UK, potentially putting it at a disadvantage economically.  There are also instances where innovations that originated in the UK are being developed and patented from elsewhere.

Innovation in the UK

There are of course still many highly innovative businesses in the UK.  It must be remembered that patents are not the only way to protect or profit from innovation.  This is particularly true for products expected to have a short life cycle.

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