Crowdfunding has proved to be an imaginative and often lucrative way for inventors and start-up businesses to raise money to fund the prototyping, production and sale of new products.  The inventor Sir Clive Sinclair has recently seen great success in raising money to update his iconic ZX Spectrum computer, and is now back with funding website Kickstarter to see if he can do the same for the A-Bike Electric.

Commuter-led Invention

The A-Bike Electric is not quite a new kid on the block; Sinclair launched a similar bike nearly 10 years ago, but the design team has revised and updated the design to produce what they claim is the world’s lightest and most compact electric bike.  Aimed at commuters, it weighs just 12kg and has a battery that can last for up to 16 miles, with the option of the cyclist powering the bike by pedal power too.   The battery is a 24V quick-charge battery, ensuring that the bike is always on the road, and it looks like the inventor is hoping it will be a serious competitor to the highly popular Brompton folding bikes used by commuters in increasing numbers.

Looking for £40,000 to Produce a Prototype

The A-Bike Electric is not yet in production and the Sinclair team is looking for an investment of £40,000 in order to start building a prototype.  Sir Clive Sinclair has said: “We envisage A-Bike as the ideal solution for travelling at both ends of a commuter journey.  A typical commuter needs to get from home to the local station and then from destination to workplace, without the anxiety of portability, parking and security.”

Sinclair has proved that he has a loyal band of supporters and investors who are willing to put their hands in their pockets for good ideas and to be part of a potential new business.  Those donating can choose to buy a new A-Bike at a reduced price when it is in production.

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