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Camille Bates

Brands & Trade Marks, In-House Management of TM Portfolios

  • Partner
  • Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

Law Degree, Masters in IP, MCITMA, CTMA, RTMA, Bilingual English & French

Camille has recently re-joined SH&P after 10 years as an in-house counsel on the IP team of FTSE 100 multi-national group Imperial Brands (formerly Imperial Tobacco).

As Head of Trade Marks for Imperial Brands, Camille managed a portfolio of thousands of marks across 160 territories, giving her a thorough understanding of the financial and commercial demands placed on businesses when considering their IP needs, and the challenges of implementing the internal processes necessary to optimising the trade marks portfolio and supporting the business’ short- and long-term strategies.

Having been part of SH&P’s team of trade mark advisors from 2000 to 2010, Camille recently re-joined SH&P as a Partner, getting involved in the day to day running of the business and using her experience to provide commercially-aware, practical advice on all aspects of trade mark practice and portfolio management to help clients optimise their branding assets.

Whilst Camille is particularly interested in assisting companies with the internal management of their trade mark portfolio, she also has expertise on a multitude of IP-related projects, including:

• global clearance exercises in advance of new product launches or advertising campaigns;
• due diligence exercises on acquisition and disposal projects of various sizes;
• large trade marks assignment projects and related licensing adjustments;
• negotiation of co-existence agreements and pre-litigation disputes;
• setting up of licence agreements, national or global, to address tax and regulatory requirements;
• management of co-owned brands (where the co-owners are not related entities);
• training in-house stakeholders on trade marks do’s and don’ts, whether in a multi-national or medium sized company.

Camille is also a regular participant at the INTA Conference.

In her spare time, Camille tries her best to keep up with the many (and often conflicting) demands of 2 very sporty teenagers and a much younger sibling pretending to be a teenager, whilst attempting to get her husband to speak some French, her native tongue.

We are members of the following organisations:

  • INTA
  • EPI Online
  • ECTA
  • CIPA

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