Two inventors from the UK have been granted a patent for an innovative food defence system.  The Oasis™ Flood Protection System has been designed for easy manufacture and installation and, its inventors say, will change the way people use flood defences around the world.

A New Approach to Flood Protection

The inventors involved are Eamonn Lee-Barrett and Chris Lee and together they have formed a company to sell their flood defence system – Masika Flood Protection Ltd.  The patent grant will allow the company to further their talks with potential partners and to ensure that their intellectual property is protected for future licensing or commercial benefits.

The patent has been granted in the UK, and there are corresponding applications pending at both the European Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Specifically, the patent covers an inflatable Kevlar™-reinforced barrier system.  The system is anchored to the ground, allowing it to form a supportive dam which can be erected anywhere it is needed.  The barrier is strong and high enough to protect the area behind it from water and debris.

Eamonn Lee-Barrett said: “This invention has the capability to change the thinking around flooding. Simple to manufacture, install and use, the Oasis™ Flood Protection System has immense potential to reduce the damage and harm for millions of people worldwide.”

Potential for Worldwide Use

The commercial comfort gained from patent protection should help the business to develop its flood defence products for use around the world.  The company claims that its versatility means it can be used as a planned flood risk strategy, or as an emergency response, helping to protect not just property and people, but transport links and infrastructure.

This could well be a timely invention.  Communities across the UK are still recovering from the severe flooding of 2013/14 and flooding has become an increasing problem in many countries, increasing the need for an affordable, flexible and easy-to-install system.

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