Your most valuable asset 

Every business is affected by IP to a greater or lesser extent. Although intangible, IP is often the most valuable asset of a company or business, sometimes making up over 80% of the balance sheet. IP creates a trading advantage and sets your business apart from competitors.

Protect your hard work and abolish future hassle

By protecting IP rights, you can prevent competitors from piggy backing on your hard work and innovation. Securing adequate protection to begin with creates a strong legal deterrent which often removes the need for expensive litigation further down the line.

Enhance your profile through effective marketing

Your IP rights symbolise what your business stands for with your customers, whether this be an innovative approach, creativity or the quality and value of your products and services. IP rights, particularly trade marks and brands, are key to the promotion and marketing of your business. Brand loyalty often underpins the most successful business models.

A long term investment can add company strength

IP rights can be sold or licensed so can be a valuable source of revenue. Just like tangible assets, IP rights can be leveraged as a means of securing investment.


SH&P IP infographic

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