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Want a Free Trade Mark or Patent Consultation?

Are you a brand owner, inventor, designer or creator?

Do you have some trade mark or patent questions that you want answering by an experienced attorney in a straightforward and no-nonsense way?

Intellectual property (IP) can be a complicated subject and there are many pitfalls to watch out for, especially if you go it alone without professional advice.

We make it easy for you. We will listen to you and talk it through with you. You will get no technical jargon from us – just sensible, good advice which is free and comes with no strings-attached.

We will give you a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION by online video, by telephone or why not come and see us for a face-to- face meeting at our smart central Bristol office. At the consultation we will assess your enquiry and advise you of the next steps. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to take it any further.

In the event you would like us to help you further then we are confident you will be very happy to have us on board working and fighting for you. Our services are very highly-regarded by our wide range of clients from individuals through to multi-national companies.

So, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, we can give you all the help you need in a free consultation:

  1. You have created a new brand and want to know the best (and most cost-effective) way of protecting it as a registered trade mark. We have a wealth of day-to-day experience and will give you all the necessary guidance and information.
  2. You have decided on a new brand name/logo but don’t know what to do next or where to start (be careful, you may not even be free to use that brand name/logo, so you definitely need to talk to us first).
  3. You have received a “warning” letter from another business or individual and have been threatened with infringement of an IP right they claim to have (e.g. trade mark, patent, design and/or copyright) and you don’t know what to do next. This may not be as bad as you think. We will review it and advise you.
  4. You think you may have discovered a new invention and want to know whether it might be worth your investment in getting a patent for it. Patenting an invention is not always straightforward. You should not commit to the costs and time it will take you without first listening to professional advice. We will give you that.
  5. You would like to apply for a patent and need advice on how to do this. Drafting a patent correctly is a very skilled job and takes experience. If it is drafted incorrectly it can make a very big difference to your scope of protection and its ultimate value as a granted patent.

TO BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION (online video, telephone or in person) with one of our trade mark or patent attorneys please enter your details below and we will get in touch to arrange a suitable appointment for a day and time that suits you. Appointments can be scheduled quickly if necessary, depending on the availability of our attorneys.

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