So, you have taken the significant step of applying to register your brand as a trade mark.

But what happens when you receive a Notice of Threatened Opposition (Form TM7A) from the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO)?

It’s a situation that many applicants face. It’s also a situation where SH&P can provide expert guidance to help you deal with it successfully. It does not necessarily the mean the end of your trade mark application and it certainly doesn’t mean the end of your business.

Let us explain why. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation. We will respond to you within 3 working days and usually much sooner.

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Understanding the Form TM7A Notice:

A Form TM7A notice is a signal that another party is considering opposing your trade mark application.

They have filed this because they believe that the mark represented by your trade mark application may conflict with their existing right (or rights).

While this can seem intimidating, it’s a routine stage in the trade mark journey.

With the right approach, it can be dealt with effectively and sometimes to your advantage!

Why Expertise Matters:

Responding effectively to a Form TM7A notice requires not only a solid understanding of trade mark law and procedure, but it also requires strategic commercial thinking.

It’s not just about the response; it’s about constructing a reply that supports your application and minimises legal risks.

At SH&P we excel both in our deep understanding of trade mark law and in strategic thinking.

Our experienced Trade Mark Attorneys can evaluate and assess the basis of a threatened opposition against your application, before giving you our well-informed advice and (if you ask us to) to prepare an appropriate response on your behalf.

How SH&P Can Help:

    1. Each TM7A situation is unique. We work with you to understand your commercial objectives, and then:
    2. We provide clear, strategic advice tailored to your objectives and agree next steps with you

Working with SH&P

How you respond to a party which has sent you a Notice of Threatened Opposition can determine the fate of your trade mark; it’s crucial to handle the situation with expertise and care.

Partnering with SH&P gives you access to a team of Attorneys dedicated to guiding you towards a positive resolution.

We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities for our clients.

Take Action Now

Receiving a Notice of Threatened Opposition can be a critical moment in your trade mark journey.

The way you respond can impact significantly on your brand’s future.

At SH&P, we’re committed to ensuring that this impact is a positive one.

Get in touch with us today via our online form below or via telephone for a FREE one hour consultation and let’s work together to ensure the success of your brand.

We have helped countless individuals and businesses in the past and we can help you too.

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