Patent attorneys in the UK are reporting a significant increase in requests for advice and assistance in protecting new inventions over recent months.  This is being attributed by some to the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown in the UK and it seems likely that there are several possible reasons for the apparent surge in inventive activity:-

a)  The lockdown has resulted in a large number of people working from home, many of them doing so for the first time.  It is therefore to be expected that some of the inventions are IT related, with the aim of improving the ability for remote working and holding video conferences; while perhaps others will be new products intended for use in creating a more comfortable and efficient workspace at home.

b)  With many people furloughed or working reduced hours, they have perhaps at last found the time to spend on developing ideas that they may have had in mind for years.  The lockdown has thus given them the spare time that they needed in order to progress their invention to the point where they are ready to seek patent protection.

c)  It is of course very likely that many of the new inventions will relate directly to Covid-19; for example, possible treatments, improved personal protective equipment (PPE) and products that will assist in meeting the requirements for maintaining cleanliness and social distancing in offices and shops, and when travelling on buses and trains, etc.

If patent protection is of interest, it is essential that an application be filed before the invention has been disclosed to anyone else – including friends, potential manufacturers, etc. – other than under conditions of strict confidentiality.

If you are interested in seeking patent protection for your invention and would like to explore the possible steps and what is involved then please get in contact with us and we can arrange a free consultation with one of our patent specialists.