The team of Stevens Hewlett & Perkins

L-R standing: Shaun Sherlock, Adam Cornford, Richard Turner, Josh Treadgold, Leona Walker, Ceili Williams, David Powell, Camille Bates, David Burborough, Robin Webster, Justyna Chojnowska, Paul Carlyle, Ana Roura, Sammy Cobbold, Gail Calder, Claire Bly, Peter Cornford, Bob Barnes, Vicky Jones, Leanne Rogers, Tina Rees-Pedlar, Rose Gilroy, Robert Gaunt

L-R seated: Camila M Silva, Jill Cowles, Patrice Dwyer, Sian McHugh, Kalei McHugh, Timothy Jones

Friday 14th July 2023 was a great day in the history of SH&P!

After spending nearly four decades at our office in St Augustine’s Place in Bristol, it was time for a fresh start in a brand new office.

After months in the planning and design of the new office, and sorting out the old office, we finally moved in to our new home on 14th July.

We are just two minutes down the road from the old office in central Bristol and it’s a great place to be for our hardworking team!