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SH&P News

The Advantages of Filing a Patent Application and Obtaining a Patent

There are many advantages of filing a patent application and obtaining a granted patent status for your invention. Although it may feel daunting at the outset, it need not be with professional help from an experienced patent attorney to draft the application for you and guide you through all the pitfalls. Done properly and professionally it can provide a huge benefit to your business. On the other hand, if it is carried out by an unskilled person, the protection of…

Responding to a Cease and Desist Letter: Let SH&P Guide You

Receiving a cease and desist (“C&D”) letter can be a daunting experience for any business and probably feels even worse if you are a small business or a sole trader. A C&D is a formal way of someone saying, "Hey, we think you're infringing on our intellectual property rights." But before you panic, remember, SH&P is here to help you navigate through tricky waters.

Don’t Panic! Overcome a Possible Trade Mark Opposition (Form TM7A)

What happens when you receive a Notice of Threatened Opposition (Form TM7A) from the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO)? It's a situation that many applicants face. It's also a situation where SH&P can provide expert guidance to help you deal with it successfully. It does not necessarily the mean the end of your trade mark application and it certainly doesn't mean the end of your business. Let us explain why. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation.

SH&P Move to a Brand New Office!

L-R standing: Shaun Sherlock, Adam Cornford, Richard Turner, Josh Treadgold, Leona Walker, Ceili Williams, David Powell, Camille Bates, David Burborough, Robin Webster, Justyna Chojnowska, Paul Carlyle, Ana Roura, Sammy Cobbold, Gail Calder, Claire Bly, Peter Cornford, Bob Barnes, Vicky Jones, Leanne Rogers, Tina Rees-Pedlar, Rose Gilroy, Robert Gaunt L-R seated: Camila M Silva, Jill Cowles, Patrice Dwyer, Sian McHugh, Kalei McHugh, Timothy Jones Friday 14th July 2023 was a great day in the history of SH&P! After spending nearly four…

SH&P Announce Charity Fundraising Support for Winston's Wish

[From L-R: Paul Moore, Kalei McHugh, Winston’s Wish bear, Kerry Waite and Jon Welfoot] SH&P has a long and proud tradition of supporting local charities in the South West. Over the years our staff have raised money for lots of good causes by holding events such as bake sales, plant sales, dress-down days and sweepstakes. Our clients also regularly pitch in at our annual golf day. The substantial proceeds of these events have been passed on to plenty of very…

SH&P Present Funds Raised to Woodstock School

Over the course of a number of years our staff have been proud to support a diverse range of local charities in the South West. For the last two years we have been supporting the work of Woodstock School, culminating in SH&P paralegal David Burborough’s fantastic fundraising effort in running the 2019 Edinburgh Marathon, in which he single-handedly raised over £1000 in the process. Woodstock School is part of the Woodway Federation and is a Bristol-based school specialising in the…

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